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Exclusive Rug Cleaning Service Team In Rivervale That Kills 99.8% Of Germs And Other Problems

Welcome to our professional rug cleaning company in Rivervale. We are a team of qualified rug cleaners and specialists, who take pride in offering you the best quality service at competitive prices! Our mission is to provide top-quality Rug Cleaning Rivervale services at an affordable price that is guaranteed to be beneficial for your home or office interior and exterior rug spaces. 

  • Rug steam cleaning method
  • Rug odour removal
  • Remove bacteria hiding in your rug
  • Super quick dry rug cleaning process
  • Same day rug cleaning services
  • Stain treatment
  • Remove moulds, germs, bacteria, bed-bugs and mites

Our rug cleaning can make all the difference between having a beautiful place to live in or a dirty, unhealthy dwelling space where germs, bacteria and other undesirable contaminants thrive. Thus you can trust our exclusive rug cleaning service team in Rivervale that kills 99.8% of germs and other problems in a rug.

Our Full Proof Cleaning Steps for Long-lasting Rugs

  • Pre-inspection and Spot Testing: First, we start with an inspection of the rugs to determine their condition. Pre-inspection and spot testing will help in examining the types of spots your rugs have, mould existence, worn fringes, and the kind of treatment it needs.
  • Pre-vacuuming: Now, pre-vacuuming is the next step that we follow. Pre-vacuuming will help in removing the loose dirt and soil on the top of the rug. It will remove the loose dust settled on the rug and make further cleaning easier and more productive.
  • Deep Cleaning with Hot Carbonating Extraction: We ensure deep rug cleaning with the hot carbonating extraction technique. Here, we use safe quality solutions and carbonation power to clean the rugs. Hence, this technique utilizes less quantity of water.
  • Brush and Groom Carpet Pile: Next, after cleaning rugs we will brush and groom the rugs. We will groom and trim the fringes to give your rugs a fresh, new, and soft touch.
  • Rug Protectant: We put the rug protection to make sure your rugs are protected against future stains. Further, we can apply fibre protectors that will protect the rug from insect larvae, moth stains, etc.
  • Professional Strength Deodoriser: After completing all steps, your rugs also need to be protected against odour. We will use the alkaline salt solution to treat the rugs’ odour. In addition, we also use the odour removal spray.
  • Sanitiser: Sanitizing the rugs is even more important to avoid pollutants and germs attacks in the future. Hence, we will sanitize the rugs and ensure maintained hygiene.

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Free Quotes, Same Day Service And Reasonable Prices: Call Our Rug Cleaning Rivervale Team

Everyone loves a good quote, and at our rug cleaning company in Rivervale, we understand that! That’s why we offer free quotes – same day service – and reasonable prices. We know you won’t find another rug cleaner with these wonderful features anywhere else. So don’t wait any longer – call us today for the best price on rug, carpet & upholstery cleanings around!

  • We have all types of cleaning facilities for a variety of rugs.
  • We make rug cleaning easy.
  • Our Rug Cleaning Rivervale team knows the right rug cleaning and maintenance products. 
  • We can make a solution that is a permanent solution to the given problem.
  • With our dedicated team of experts and our special services, we can save your rugs.


Why is regular rug cleaning important? 

Regular rug cleaning enhances the rug’s life. Demands less investment of money, time, and effort. Also, it enhances the quality of the environment and prevents mould growth.

How often the rugs should be cleaned professionally? 

Generally, rugs should be cleaned every 2-3 months. Moreover, the cleaning of rugs depends upon their type, fabric, usage, and foot traffic.

What is the exact cost of rug cleaning? 

The exact cost of rug cleaning depends upon its type, the condition of the rugs, and the treatment it needs. The time spent on cleaning and the type of solution also adds to the cost.

Rug Cleaning Rivervale
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