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We are experts and we have special expertise in offering a range of mattress cleaning services in Rivervale. In order to get rid of harmful germs from the mattress, our mattress cleaning Rivervale team uses non-toxic cleaning solutions. With our state of art mattress cleaning tools, we can restore the look of your mattress in less time. Whether you want us to steam clean the mattress or dry clean it, our experts can do it for you.

Our professional mattress cleaning services are designed to resolve all sorts of mattress issues. We can clean mattress stains, soiling, deeply embedded dirt, allergens and other contaminants. In addition to this, our exclusive treatments are given at an affordable Mattress cleaning Rivervale price. To book us, simply dial us at 08 6109 8101.

Is Going With Professional Mattress Cleaning A Reliable Idea?

Without a doubt, mattress cleaning by professionals is the best idea you can go with. Not only does it give your mattress a proper cleaning but also makes it more comfortable. As mattresses are huge, it can be a very time-consuming and effort-pitting task for you. In fact, DIY mattress cleaning may not yield desired results. So, why not give the cleaning work to the hands of mattress cleaning Rivervale professionals? Have a look at the benefits you can achieve by hiring an expert mattress cleaning service: 

  • Experts use powerful vacuum cleaners to extract dead skin, debris, dirt, etc. thoroughly from the mattress surface. 
  • Mattresses often get stains from spills, vomits, and ink which is difficult to remove. Well, with professional cleaning your mattress can be stain-free again.
  • Your mattress will smell pleasant after expert cleaning.
  • Professionals use minimal water which speeds up the cleaning as well as drying of the mattress. 

A Special Expertise In Mattress Sweat And Urine Stains Removal 

Are guests coming over and you have sweat stains on the mattress? To ensure you have a clean mattress free from sweat stains, call us. We have experts who can remove sweat stains from the mattress. We even remove urine stains from the mattress and disinfect it. You can rely on us for all types of mattress urine or sweat staining issues. Have kids who pee on the mattress? No problem, hire us to clean urine from the mattress and make it stain and smell-free. Having urine on mattresses is also a common issue with pet owners. So, you can be stress-free as our mattress cleaners use pet and child-safe cleaning methods. 

List Of Our Most-Called Mattress Cleaning Rivervale Services

  • Mattress Steam Cleaning

Our advanced steam cleaning method is a reliable choice for dirty mattresses. It involves deep cleaning using hot water extraction techniques.

  • Mattress Dry Cleaning

Let us deep clean the mattress for you by using a fast dry cleaning method. Our dry cleaning mattress involves minimal water usage and is a time-saving way for mattress cleaning.

  • Mattress Mould Removal

Have smelling moulds on your mattress? They surely are a sign of skin allergies. So, allow us to perform a mattress mould removal service today! 

  • Mattress Stain and Odour Removal

Our mattress stain removal experts are talented in vanishing stains both minor and major. In fact, we clean mattress stains as well as the odour and make your mattress feel and smell fresh again. 

  • Dust Mites Treatment Mattress

Dust mites infest your mattresses and degrade their quality and affect your quality of sleep. So, it’s high time you call us to get complete dust-mite treatment for a mattress in Rivervale. 

  • Mattress Sanitization

Consider sanitising your mattresses by experts at regular intervals. Our mattress cleaning Rivervale team uses fabric-safe disinfectants to sanitise your mattress thoroughly. So, feel free to call us for a quick clean and sanitised mattress.

Steps We Follow To Clean Your Mattress 

Our mattress cleaning Rivervale team follows a 5-step process to properly clean your mattress. The cleaning steps may differ depending on the mattress condition, but the standard process we use is: 

  • Mattress Inspection

We closely check the mattress from both the sides and corners to identify the cleaning requirements. 

  • Pre-Vacuum 

As per findings, we vacuum the mattress and customise a cleaning plan. Further, vacuuming removes surface dirt and eases the main cleaning step. 

  • Stain, Dirt and Bacteria Removal 

By using steam cleaning, dry cleaning or hot water extraction, we thoroughly clean the mattress and remove all the contaminants. Later, we dry the mattress using powerful dryers. 

  • Scotchgard Protection 

To add a layer of safety, we provide Scotchgard protection on mattresses. It makes it more resistant to stains and smells. 

  • Deodorization and sanitisation

Lastly, we deodorise and sanitise the mattress. Surely, you will be pleased by the results. 

Same Day & Emergency Mattress Cleaning Service in Rivervale

Get your mattress quickly clean with our same-day and emergency mattress cleaning solutions in Rivervale. We deep clean your old, dirty mattress and provide you with fast cleaning and drying results. As we work on a same-day service basis, we do not charge additional money for quick service. Moreover, you are free to schedule us for emergency mattress cleaning appointments anytime. 

Pros of Hiring Our Mattress Cleaners in Rivervale

We are one of the most renowned mattress cleaning providers in Rivervale. With years of practical experience in the mattress cleaning industry, we take pride in being the best mattress cleaning company in Rivervale. Have a look at our key specialities below: 

  • All our mattress cleaning service experts are professionally trained and certified. 
  • We make use of safe and organic cleaners to deep clean your mattress
  • With our cleaning, you can enjoy a long-lasting clean mattress results
  • Moreover, our experts clean mattresses from both sides. 
  • We provide residue-free cleaning
  • All of our mattresses stain removers and cleaners are pet & child-safe
  • We are punctual mattress cleaners who provide timely service
  • You get special mattress cleaning at affordable rates
  • Being a local mattress cleaning Rivervale company, we serve you on the same day as booking

So, if you are impressed with our offerings and need a quick mattress cleaning, just ring us on our toll-free number today! 


Q. How often should a mattress be washed or cleaned? 

We suggest cleaning the mattress at least twice a year for proper maintenance. In case you have pets, asthma or allergies, we suggest three cleaning sessions a year. It will help in maintaining a fewer level of mattress contamination. On the other hand, in cases of spills, odours or stains, we recommend you opt for immediate professional cleaning. 

Q. Are your mattress cleaners safe for my family and mattress? 

An absolute ‘YES’. We make use of safe, gentle and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to deep clean the mattress. Also, we are proud of being the best green mattress cleaning provider. 

Q. Do you come to my place or do I need to bring the mattress to you? 

We send our professional mattress cleaners to your place and offer a service at your convenience. Simply ring us for bookings and queries. 

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