How To Clean Grimy Commercial Carpet Corners

The commercial carpets are supposed to be quite bulky and so it would be hard to clean them well. There would be grime at the corners because those might be the ignored areas. You must call a reliable and efficient professional for Carpet Cleaning Near Me. This will ensure that the carpets get complete treatment from start to end. If they are grimy at the edges then here’s how you should clean them.

Carpet Corners
Carpet Corners
  1. Vacuum the edges first

You should take the high-capacity vacuum cleaner and then clean the edges first. You will see that the edges will be bad and unclean. But if you use the vacuum cleaner in that area, the dry dust will come off.

  1. Take a scrubber brush and liquid soap to clean the carpet corners

You might have seen that the corners of the carpets might have become black and grimy. So, you should take some water and liquid soap mix. Now, apply them to the corners of the carpets and also at the edges. Now, scrub and rub the carpet well. Then take a mop with plain water and remove the soap. You will have to take up cleaning properly and then only there will be perfect results.

  1. If the stains remain, clean with vinegar

If there are some stains at the edge then you should clean the same with a paste made out of water, vinegar, and baking soda. Apply this paste at the edges and then remove the same. You will see that there will be fewer stains or no stains now.

  1. Call the professionals for hot water extraction

It is often quite tough to handle commercial carpets on your own. If you want, you can call the professionals and tell them to do hot water extraction. This kind of cleaning is good for grimy carpets. The mold and grime would come together and make the condition of the carpets bad. If you are looking for commercial carpet cleaning make sure that you know how you can take up the right solutions. There would be many issues that a person may face if the carpets are dirty. But with the above methods, the carpets will become good and clean.

The carpet should at least live for a particular span. This will ensure lesser costs. If you replace the carpet too soon then this affair is going to be expensive for you. Make sure that you maintain and clean the carpet well. This will ensure better results.


For commercial carpet cleaning one should choose a day when there is no traffic or less traffic. Ideally, a weekend would be good because people are not there at the premises or the office. You must take the right steps for keeping the carpets clean as it can bring in better results. Try and find the relevant carpet cleaning solutions that are good for you in every way to make your life better and easy. You should work towards cleaning the carpets well. Make an appointment with our professionals.