How To Restore And Protect Carpets In High Traffic Areas

If you have carpet in your living room or at the entry of your house, you know that over some time they become shabby, worn out and lose their original look and feel. As well as carpets become dull and do not complement the look of your living room anymore. This is common in high traffic areas which experience a lot of activities going on. For example, living room, stairs, around the door, etc.

But buying a new carpet is not always an option. Then, what is the solution? How to restore and protect carpets in high traffic areas? This article tells you about the various ways through which you can maintain the quality of your carpets for a longer period, also at the ease of your home.

Steps To Follow To Protect Carpets In High Traffic Areas

Use the following steps to protect your carpet from wearing out in high traffic areas:

  • Choose The Right Material And Colour

If you are planning to buy a new carpet for your house you should plan the colour and material. Prefer a dark colour as these are less prone to visible stains. Also, try choosing easy-to-maintain materials such as Nylon or Wool which are very handy for high-traffic areas. 

  • Make Spot Cleaning a Habit

If you have kids who have meals in the living area or if you have pets in your house, you may experience spills on your carpet. This leaves stains on the carpets leaving them to look dirty. To avoid this embarrassment you should do spot cleaning immediately.

For liquid spills, you should do spot cleaning immediately, by using cleaners that also deal with the odour and grease as well.

  • Do Vacuum Cleaning Frequently

If you have a family of 6-7 a question comes to mind frequently, how to restore and protect carpets in the high traffic areas? Well, vacuum-cleaning frequently is the answer. You should vacuum clean your carpets every alternate day. And if you have a family of 3-4 you should clean your carpet every 2 days.

As carpets are prone to dirt and dust and they are not cleaned as easily as we clean our clothes. So, vacuum cleaning is the best way to maintain them.

Doing this frequently also helps to improve the air quality of your house and will be less prone to diseases.

  • Keep Dirt And Dust Outside The House

When you are the host of the party and are expecting guests, then this is the time you will experience a lot of dirt to come in with them. To avoid this you should ask your guests to clean their shoes on the doormat outside, which will do half the job. 

Or you can make it a habit that as the hosts you provide extra pair of comfortable slippers for their guests to wear when they come inside the house.

  • Use A Carpet Protector Spray

After vacuuming your carpet properly, apply the carpet protector solution over it. There are various commercial protector sprays in the market that are easily available. 

These protectors secure your carpet from further damage in the future and give a long-term effect. These protect the carpets from any discolouration or any major damage, and also avoid stains to make an impact.

  • Restore the Carpet With A Carpet Rake

A carpet rake is a tool that looks like a brush that is used in the same manner as you use a hairbrush to comb your hair. This tool is used thoroughly over the carpet after the cleaning is done to comb the carpet fibres and restore them to their original state. This also helps to bring out the dirt, human hairs, debris, and pet hairs if found stuck in your carpet.


“How to Restore and Protect Carpets in High Traffic Areas?” is a very common question that comes to mind. However, protecting and maintaining a carpet in high traffic areas is not so difficult and one can do it easily on their own. You just have to keep dirt and waste away from the carpet, clean them frequently, and do spot cleaning immediately. Also, it is ideal to reach out to a professional carpet cleaning company for regular maintenance and deep cleanings.